An Unclosed Case: The Death of President John F. Kennedy

As we have seen, in my last post, Mark Lane in his book Plausible Denial reports about how the testimony of one woman placed Jack Ruby in a motel room in Dallas talking with members of the assassination squad on Thursday evening, November 21, 1963.  What have others said about Jack Ruby and where he was on Thursday night?  What has been said about Jack Ruby not being a part of a conspiracy?

Gerald Posner in his book Case Closed wrote about Jack Ruby’s whereabouts from the time he got up on Thursday morning of November 21 to the time he killed Lee Harvey Oswald in the late morning of Sunday, November 24, 1963.  Posner did not report about Jack Ruby visiting any motel on Thursday evening.

Posner wrote about how unstable Jack Ruby became after he was arrested and convicted of killing Oswald.  He also wrote about how emotionally unstable Jack Ruby was from the time of the assassination to the time he killed Oswald.  Posner believes that Jack Ruby acted alone and was not a part of any conspiracy. 

At the request of Jack Ruby, Ruby took a lie detector test on July 18, 1964 that the Warren Commission had administered.  This test showed that Ruby told the truth about not knowing Oswald, that he killed Oswald on his own, and that Ruby did not decide to kill Oswald until the last minute on that Sunday, November 24th.

Jack Ruby was granted an appeal, but he died on January 3, 1967 before the second trial could be held.  One wonders if this second trial would have revealed anything differently?

1. Do you think that Jack Ruby was part of a conspiracy?  Why do you believe this?

2. Do you think that Jack Ruby acted alone when he killed Oswald?  Why do you believe this?


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